a moment with ELIZA

It feels like more than a year ago, ELIZA posted a snippet of her singing “did you ever, never did you ever really recognize all my love, it’s whatever ” and I went w i l d. I tried searching for these lyrics everywhere. I went through all her music on every social media platform I could think of. I watched that post a hundred times. The melody was hypnotic and her voice was the motherloving cherry.


“Did you ever, never did you ever really recognize all my love, it’s whatever.” 💃🏽💃🏽

After that 24hr daze, I slow started to forget about it. She had her wide eyed fool, alone & afraid and wasn’t looking tracks out (bomb ass tracks) and then she also released livid with a video short after that she directed herself.


Fast forward to now, Jan 13 2019, went to play some of her tracks and I see apple updated the cover art and I REALIZED home girl released a MF album stated 2018!!


I’m going through the album while yogurting and low and behold 7 tracks in the melody comes on and I was so happy. I remembered my former wild moment and I just laid there in the gym for the repeat of the track twice 8 mins and 40 seconds of yoga pose.

Yeah that’s all this post is, immortalizing my happiness for my wild moment with ELIZA.


here is her live performance for wasn’t looking 

and here is her album a real romantic

the track I was obsessing over is loveable but really everything on this album is f i r e.

If you’re willing share your thoughts about it in the comments please.

okii, bye romantics  🖖🏽