photography shooting style, weddings and other things

I like what I like, meaning I trust myself.

I like faces naturally composed, rested eyebrows and lips, when people are laughing, the awkwardness, the feel goodness and all the bits in-between. 

I like the glamour and I like the rugged - I want it all - why you can choose one photograph that speaks to you out of 100 shots, but the same shot you love someone else might just "kinda" like. And the shots you think are meh, people love - because it triggers a memory. I want you to love your photographs and relive the moments - feel something tingle when you look back. 

I shoot in colour, but black and white albums look and feel nostalgic, classic. You'll have both. 

My mind is made up of indie films, animations, poetry, fashion magazines, genres upon genres of music, math and love. On screen love and real life love. 

When I shoot it's like I'm watching a movie and you are the subject. National geographic style. 

Okay I'll stop writing, this took a lot, you know ...selectively extraverted.