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holaa, so many movies, so little time

I'll mention various movies, for different reasons, but I'll start with the film I just watched about 30 mins ago. Only for that reason...

King Arthur 2017
I'm only mentioning two things:, one being the wardrobe #amazing & two the special effects reminding me I need to play GOW
Shout out to these amazing people 

furs for days. 
blanket fur:

Vortigern's fur:

Unfortunately I've scoured the internet to find you my favorite fur coat in the film, but there are no images of it yet... I will add it someday though, it was magnificent.
I know I know, all this talk about the wardrobe, it was pretty cool I'm telling you. Even the bad guys body armour..

falcons on their shoulderrs

falcons on their shoulderrs

okay okay, I'm almost finished. The movie wasn't what I expected, but I enjoyed the costume design, fight scenes, the spfx and david beckham.

I'll be going through other movies I enjoyed watching in the coming posts.
letterbox your life if you have not already done so

ty xx