jan 2017 - photography [ovitacole]

Wassup, been a min since we kicked it, you've been caught up.

That's cool, check out these pictures though.
Some of my photographs from last month.

*some of the photograph titles have a song url you should probably give a chance if you haven't yet.

Meet the talented jlee, up and coming street photographer. His work is pretty cool possessing this curious and curiouser feeling. Some of his photographs capture those moments when you're caught up in your thoughts at a street light and don't realize you're missing beauty right in front of you.  Raises eyebrows x2, bahaha.
I was lucky he allowed me to photograph him for another project. tyty jlee
one my my favs of his

Home girl asked to do an interview on me,

me at that moment...

me at that moment...

I was flattered and took the opportunity to capture a couple photographs of her in exchange. 

Some photographs I took for a sandbox installation @ lululemon on Queen St focusing on self-care and mindfulness.
If you have time go check it out, it's there for the month of Feb 2017. 

get your stocks up

breh. (clapping hand emoji)

the lines though

the lines though


Visionary. Meet Jay. Man is talented and well spoken. At minimum he is a devoted personal trainer. He is focused, driven and going to wreck havoc on the fitness world.
The girls above are wearing his head gear.

okii byee (≧∇≦)ノ゚