captured by serz/edited by ovitacole | 2018

captured by serz/edited by ovitacole | 2018

captured by  Sanjeev Kugan

captured by Sanjeev Kugan

captured by  shanikt , 2016

captured by shanikt, 2016

mok & me | captured by  Adeyemi Adegbesan , edited by shanikt | 2016

mok & me | captured by Adeyemi Adegbesan, edited by shanikt | 2016

captured by AMills | edited by ovitacole | Nov 18, 2016

self portrait | Nov 11, 2016

self portrait | Nov 11, 2016

something i drew from a dream | 2014.

something i drew from a dream | 2014.

captured by  jphung  | edited by ovitacole | jan 24, 2017

captured by jphung | edited by ovitacole | jan 24, 2017

captured by  jlee  | edited by ovitacole | an 26, 2017

captured by jlee | edited by ovitacole | an 26, 2017

captured by aunt nuna | March 11, 2017

captured by aunt nuna | March 11, 2017

captured by  Adeyemi Adegbesan , edited by shanikt | 2016

captured by Adeyemi Adegbesan, edited by shanikt | 2016



who is ovitacole?

Celeste Cole
A goal diggin hope seeking worthwhile kid.
- iAM Program Manager @ JAYU Canada
- Creator @ Sandbox
- coven/It’s Bigger Than All Of Us Collective
Creating content since 2010. Specializing in lifestyle photography. I am located @ 401 Richmond St W, Toronto, Canada.

I would love to take photographs of you, for you, with you.
Contact me below. for a quote or to collab on anything!

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here's a little more about me, an interview I did for JP.

1. Age: - age aint nothing but a numba, throwing down ain't nothing but a thang.

2. From: My beautiful mother =)

3. Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I'm scared of the dark. I have an overactive imagination. I'm the person that really wants to open that door located in an awkward place because of my imagination, but won't open that same door in an awkward place because of my imagination.

I get attached easily, think too deep and maybe slightly over react. I'm only human and probably very relatable.

4. Is there anything about Toronto that you think has had a particularly strong influence on you?

Hmm, the people. I love that friends, acquaintances, strangers are all hustling. They are hungry for something bigger than themselves. May be money, fame, charity, whatever the passion - they want more. It's nice. 

5. First creative memory?

I'd rather not.  Okay, it’s a terrible story I'm fearful my father will over exaggerate in a speech at a special occasion. I might as well put it out there. Deep sigh. I remember it different than my dad tells. Shit Picasso. The nickname my dad gave me when I was 2 or 3 years old. I had pooped into an empty toilet roll and smeared poo all over the wall like some gigantic art piece.

6. What defines you?


For food. For music. For adventures. For laughter. For passion. The eerie. The abstract.

7. Would you tell us about your earliest influences, how you came to an appreciation of photography?

My Parents. I was fascinated with the photographs (with cute messages on the back) my mom had sent my father when they were pin-palling. I loved how I could get a glimpse into her past in another country.

Taking photos was challenging, anticipating the results how your images would turn out is what led me to photography. My parents took many photos, too many. At one point they couldn’t afford the costs to print the number of rolls they had. This led to no baby photographs of my brother, poor kid. At one point he may have thought he was adopted.

8. What are your future plans? Are you working on any individual projects right now?

*below has changed - check blog for other projects*

I have a couple ideas. Insert creepy smile. My mind is always running wild.

I'm working on a couple different projects right now actually.

Sandbox Installation @ Lulu on Queen St May 1, 2018 to July 31, 2018.

Photography Curriculum writing/implementing for JAYU IAM. 

POPCULTURE Podcasting with friends: SUNDAY NIGHT BINGO

Lastly I hope to have two individual galleries this year, one with mixed media creations and another for photography. 


9. What other creative hobbies do you have? (Tell me about them!)

I'm attempting to design and sew some dresses for a couple weddings I'm attending this year.

I designed and made my first wedding dress for a client in 2017 - I will be sharing this soon. =)

I enjoy writing scripts and short stories.

I'm a part of a creative family called Sandbox. We aim to inspire creative thinking. We host events, collaborate with brands and create art installations.

10. The key to a good photo? Can you please take one or two of your photos and describe the process of creating them or the idea/story behind the piece?

I kind of work with a feeling.

The process: transfix your mind into a national geographic episode. Use a voice to narrate what the subject is doing in their natural habitat, or outside of it. Then proceed to capture the actions or stillness you are interested in.  

11. How do you feel when creating?

Curious. Nervous. Scared. Intrigued. Excited. Satisfied. In that order.

12. Work of which you’re most proud?

Tough question. Every time you create something you feel joy and contempt. You feel you can do better and may want to create something different. This is normal I think. Love and hate relationship with everything I've created.

Ohhh my logo.

I’ve had a couple questions asking why my logo is a girl in a gas mask.

You can make what you want from the image, may it be controversial, inspirational, offensive, or silly.

The logo is important to me because it is from a dream I had.

I dreamt I was stifling in a world filled with self-doubt, confusion, disrespect, ignorance. (mmhmm "dream world eh") People were yelling at me, wouldn't allow me to move freely. My family turned me away. Feeling lost in the dream I looked for a familiar place. I found a home that felt nostalgic (maybe from previous dreams) and I felt the need to take a bath. In a bathtub I found a gas mask. I picked it up and put it on.  When I walked outside I was able to breath. I could no longer hear the condescending tones, could not feel the societal pressures, could not see the surrounding ignorance.

I know that is not the purpose of a gas mask, but in my dream that is what it translated to.

I was free. The gas mask allowed me to walk through the world freely, blocking out all the bs.

When I woke up, I tried to remember how I felt, what the gas masked look liked and who I was. I then drew the image that came to be my logo. 

13. What would be your most challenging project?

Most everything starts off challenging when breathing life into an idea. If you do enough research you can overcome whatever it may be.

I think the "challenging" component of projects are collaborating, consisting of multiple personalities coming together to create something. When working with others you need to be clear and document everything, regardless if it is with friends, family or acquaintances.

14. Favourite artist/designer/photographer whose work you highly respect?

Ahhh. Too many.

Gotta appreciate the classics, but I love all the new work that is coming out in various industries. Architecture, design, photography, film, fine arts, music, everything.

I think it's amazing when people are multi-faceted. Brandon Boyd, FKA Twigs, Donald Glover, Hayao Miyazaki, Claire Underwood.

It's ever changing, but currently:
Yasmin Suteja
Kat Irlin
Sasha Samsonova
Natasha Allegri
Ryan Ridley

15. Your style?

I'm not sure. Still developing. My thoughts are conflicted every time I approach something. You've caught me in between. Maybe that’s why I'm not 'proud' of anything specific yet.

16. Biggest fear?

Being possessed.

17. What do you ultimately want to accomplish

Finances funded by raw creativity.

18. Your idea of happiness?

Currently, constantly creating, healthy family/friends & being with bae.

19. Motto?

(said with aggression)
Goal digging, hope seeking, worthwhile (mf) kid. 

20. Anything else?

People I wish I could have photographed.

Amy Winehouse
Pierre Trudeau
My great grandparents.