beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Yeah it is. 

For instance, look at this photo:

captured by jphung && thank you for it

captured by jphung && thank you for it

First glance, the photo seems out of focus, uninteresting, dull and dark. But it's not. It captures it's subject quite well. This person likes to be out of focus, behind the scenes, behind the camera - but still stylish.  This person's hair is getting longer, thank you riri (praise emoji hands). The capture is on their level, textured and the position of the subject adds an edgy feel. Even though the photo may be captured unintentionally, there is something interesting about it. 

You put it in lightroom, play around with the curves, tone, tint and you get this:


photograph of ovitacole captured by jphung & edited by ovitacole

&& happy new year