trust yourself.

play this track while you read please. 

Today I came across my vsco, which I haven't updated in ages. I forgot my interest in black and white mobile photography. Going through the photos was like reading through old journal entries. The memories tied to capturing these photos are gold.

Since I first downloaded VSCO, I've changed many different devices and the galleries in the vsco app didn't carry the old photographs with them. I had to screen shot each photo on my phone - which wasn't too bad because I got to capture the caption of the photo as well. The captions were apart of the moment && if whomever was in the photo saw it again, hopefully would have a little laugh.


all the photos are in my mobile photography section

Anyways, it was just cool too see a point in time where i was excited about something and put an effort towards it. Sometimes you feel like you're not going anywhere. Reflecting upon past small successes are good because remind you, you can trust yourself.